Todos Recycling currently has three warehouse distribution and processing centers located in close proximity to some of the most important export facilities and immediate access to interstate thoroughfares.

Each Todos facility is staffed by a Warehouse Manager and Assistant.  All of our warehouse associates are fully vetted and trained to complete each given task to optimize production and quality processing.  We look for employees that are consistent, reliable and in some cases bilingual.  All staff are employed by Todos Recycling and there is no outsourcing of labor.

West Coast

Fontana, California

35,000 square feet and services the Los Angeles and Long Beach ports

South Central Coast

Houston, Texas

48,000 square feet and services Freeport and Houston ports

East Coast

Allentown, Pennsylvania


80,000 square feet and services Elizabeth NJ/NY and Philadelphia ports

About Todos

Building Value at the End of the Supply Chain

The desire to provide world-class solutions to end-of-lifecycle retail goods was the original driving force in 2007 when Meehan & Co. opened its first warehouse. Today, Todos Recycling is a data-driven, customer-focused reverse logistics provider who partners with retailers and brands to produce revenue-generating opportunities at the back end of the supply chain for store returns, overstock, discontinued inventory and waste and recycling services.


With a strong reputation for customer service and a desire to build long-lasting relationships, retailers can count on service and solutions that maximize revenue, focus on supporting sustainability practices, provide critical supply chain and product data and analysis, manage risk through traceable shipping practices and most importantly, protect brand value in the market.


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