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What We Do

Developing Sustainable Services & Solutions

Todos Recycling focuses on developing and delivering world-class sustainable services for the consumer product retail sector. We deliver solutions that support and encourage retail sustainability practices while supporting brand protection when required. Our goal is to optimize your aftermarket product activity resulting in cost savings for you while protecting environmental resources.


Reverse Logistics - Our 3 Step Process


Logistics Services

We manage the pickup of your products through a wide network of professional carriers while maintaining close communication and coordination with your team.  Your products are then transported to one of our warehouse facilities across the U.S. for further evaluation and processing.

Data Analytics


Each of our facilities is equipped with scanning capabilities that can be tailored to produce inventory and exception reporting.  Our scanning services will produce reporting based on UPC and SKU as determined by your team.  Our IT Management team will work closely with your team to develop any additional detailed reporting that facilitates the transfer of product from you to Todos Recycling.

Global Distribution


Over the years we have expanded and developed relationships with buyers around the globe.  Currently, we have more than 130 valued export customers in more than 30 countries over 4 continents.  We work closely with our buyers on a regular basis to help them find the new products and sourcing that they are continually seeking.

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Store Returns, Overstock and Discontinued Inventories

For the past 10 years, our area of speciality has been the handling of Store Returns, Overstock and Discontinued Inventories. What was once considered waste, can now be turned into revenue for a retailer. We monetize these products by selling them into secondary markets where there is demand. At the same time, we commit that your products are only sold in approved secondary markets, making sure to adhere to resale restrictions or constraints. We provide proof of export when required.  

Our global network of customers through Latin America, the Middle East and Eastern Europe are areas of high demand for American products.  This maximizes  value in the secondary market ensuring a longer lifecycle beyond the US border and into the hands of consumers who cannot easily access the same quality products.


Recycling & Waste Service

Our Recycling Services grew from the demand of our Clients. Recycling was a logical extension of the services we were already providing.  Improving the bottom line of our retailers now includes:


  • Landfill (trash) minimization/elimination

  • Optimized returns on all recyclable materials

  • Cost avoidance consultation

  • Capital equipment assistance


When we build business processes that are a win for our clients, we grow our own

business in a sustainable and sensible manner.  We manage the entire business chain and provide complete detailed reports to our customers on a monthly, quarterly, and annual basis.

We welcome the opportunity to discuss how we can benefit your organization in these areas.

Reverse Logistics
Store Returns

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