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Building Sustainable Practices to Support The Back End of the Supply Chain

The after-market supply chain is a complex area that for many years has been an afterthought across the supply chain spectrum.


But, attitudes and practices are evolving,


  • As consumer demands and expectations change.

  • As eCommerce strengthens.

  • As sustainability becomes more important to business decision makers.


Brands and retailers are re-thinking how they handle store returns, overstock and packaging. They want to know how their products can enter the secondary-market and how this will impact brand perception and value. They also want to turn post-inventory product into revenue.


This is Todos Recycling's niche. We can help you make sense of all of this - to build an after-market strategy and plan; to monetize end of lifecycle products; and to ensure brand protection.

World Class Sustainable Supply Chain Services

Reverse Logistics

Building solutions that help retailers and brands give new life to post (American) consumer products

Store Returns & Overstock 

What was once considered waste, can now be turned into revenue for a retailer.

Recycling & Waste Services

We handle the plastics, cardboard and metals packaging recycling.

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